We help companies to build a strong foundation for a cognitive business while dealing with the compound technologies and also swiftly evolving business domain in order to provide optimum project performance.

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Frequently asked questions

01 FAQ What kind of services is TeqVirtual providing?

TeqVirtual has a set of world-class services to offer to its clients globally. The services that TeqVitual provides:

  • Mobility Solutions
  • Web Applications
  • WordPress Development
  • e-Commerce Development
  • Blockchain Application Development
  • ChatBot Development
  • Internet of Things Development
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Industry Solutions
  • Custom Solutions
02 FAQ What are the working hours of TeqVirtual?

The Working Hours of TeqVirtual are as follows: Monday to Saturday: 9.30 AM To 7.30 PM (2nd & 4th Saturdays working)

03 FAQ How can I communicate with TeqVirtual?

TeqVirtual has the following modes of communication:

  • Telephones
  • Email
  • Whatsapp
  • Skype
04 FAQ What is the strength of TeqVirtual?

We have our own beliefs about creating opportunities rather than waiting for one. Our strengths include deep research, analytics, problem-solving skills, our team of adroit developers and designers, and our transparent working principle.

05 FAQ Are you flexible in adopting our standards or methodologies for development of our projects??

TeqVirtual is another name for flexibility. We are good enough to accept all the methodologies and standards demanded by our clients. We are comfortable with all the tools that suits your business essentials. We work very transparently due to which it will be a delight to work with us.

06 FAQ What are your standard Terms and Conditions?

The following are the Standard Terms and conditions:

  • Contract is Signed
  • Invoice is issued from our side as per the payment schedule
  • Invoices are paid through Pay Pal or wire transfer
  • Copyright on the final Software belongs to the client only.
07 FAQ How can I be assured that I am not wasting my time and money?
  • Refer our Software Development Methodology and Process
  • Your raised queries will be answered by our team.
  • Priority is given to your valuable queries and thus we will provide the best solutions.
  • We make a blueprint with no extra charges.
  • We provide some advices and suggestions as per your business and ideas.
  • We assure you regarding the prices and quality.

08 FAQ Can I first get a rough idea about the cost of my system?

Request a quote by filling in the details. You will avail the cost of your system without any doubt.

09 FAQ What should I provide you to create a proposal?

For Non-technical People:

  • Connect with us.
  • Post your answers as per our queries.
  • A proposal is created by us on the basis of the answers.

For Technical People:

  • Documentation
  • Specifications
  • Design
10 FAQ What do you expect from client during the project?

We expect your involvement in the entire process. The reason behind this is we follow a client-centric approach. We expect your honest comments and feedback to make our projects better and as per your wish.

11 FAQ Do you provide post-development support?

Yes, we have a facility of post-development support on the basis of a separate support maintenance contract.


12 FAQ What kinds of guarantee do I get about the work?

One month warranty is given from our side after the final delivery. After this period we will sign another contract for yearly or quarterly maintenance or support.

13 FAQ Can you provide references of your clients?

With our success rate and strong client relationships, we can provide you with our client references.

14 FAQ Can we outsource our projects that we have received from our clients to TeqVirtual?

Yes. In Offshore outsourcing, the cost of development is reduced through offshore delivery of projects. We share a good relationship with some of the companies into consultation around the globe who are in search of reliable and knowledgeable offshore service providers.

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